Be Happy, Be You
Be Happy, Be You
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Anonymous asked: I don't know why, I have never spoken to you, I have seen you around and have you on Facebook but we have never spoken. Despite that, I think you're wonderful and for some very odd unknown reason I feel like I'm inlove with you, I know you won't feel the same way, and you probably have no idea who I am, but everything I have learnt about you, all you think about yourself I love every bit of it you just seem so perfect and fantastic, please if I ever speak to you, which I probably won't listen :)


So, I decided to check this account because I haven’t been on it in forever. This message literally made my heart drop. I’ve changed drastically from the time that I was posting on this blog to now, but seeing this brings me close to tears. I’m so happy to know someone cared in my darkest times. Thank you, even though I might not ever figure out who you are. Thank you.

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